Rachael Ray Learns to Waterski

Rachael Ray learns to ski in her hometown

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  • dancinghulahoop

    Glad to see Rachael eats as well as she cooks… DAYUM! Dat big, red, wet, hot ass. What I wouldn't give to just touch it. Yummo!

  • sunthunder thor

    id love to stick my thick italian sausage up her caboose!!

  • David Ross

    people get MARRIED…and they simply don't give a shit about how they look anymore

  • Dave Johnson

    @40- 42 seconds. ..yes!!!

  • Englewood Frank21

    Short and thick. Nice.

  • joe greem

    That one big fat ass. I like it.

  • bigweezey

    Rachael Ray is hot and she is big time when it comes to cooking and looking good at it

  • Bigwoo

    she looks so young without make-up. like 15 or so.

  • Bigwoo

    now, she should wear a thong. hot.

  • Bigwoo

    If she can get that fat ass outa the water .


    her voice got that way, because she sucked so much dick


    hey, hallmark is looking for writers, interested?

  • Whisper

    That bootie was a work of art!

  • madskillz718

    "¡¡¡big ol, big ol, big ol jiggle booty!!!"

  • HoseaCider

    That nice plump pumpkin

  • othnice

    Nowhere in the comments do they mention her cooking……

  • mohammed elsharbatly

    just smillin' like an idiot 🙂

  • ijon Method

    i would drink her…

  • Rockw61

    mmmmmm shes so fined

  • bobb bobob

    damn htats a fat ass sexy booty!