Cooking Fish and Shrimp

It has been 2 looong weeks since the boat has been in the water. So in between visiting kids, trips to various airports, fighting a nasty head cold and several days of rain, what better time to make a cooking video? So here you go Brothers and Sisters of the Hook.. my RARE contribution in the kitchen of cooking fish and shrimp.
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I played with Licca-chan Omakase Kitchen Cooking toy from the 90’s.
The frying pan vibrates and actually moves the food while cooking.
You can also make water come out from the sink by pushing the button on the side.
I highly recommend this cooking toy! It was so much fun ♪

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’22 Before toys Licca-chan Omakase Kitchen!Move potato & fish★Funny toy(^^)  リカちゃん(株)タカラ 22年前の昔のおもちゃをヤフオクで購入♪魚がピチピチ跳ねフライパンでポテトやお肉が動く楽しいおもちゃでした。

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